As a teenager, you’re being bombarded with peer pressure and difficult decisions. In our student ministry, you’ll find truth that you can build your life upon.

 As a teenager, you need a place where you can be comfortable, where faith in Christ can grow, and where you can find camaraderie with other teens.

In our student ministry’s youth group, you’ll be taught truth. Truth about God. Truth about life. Truth about yourself.

You’ll meet people and make friends through our Wednesday evening Bible study, Chi Alpha, and regular youth activities.

You may already know a lot about the Bible, or you may not. Either way, it doesn’t matter. All Bible studies are taught on a level that any teen can understand—all teens are welcome!



Sunday School

On Sunday mornings, the junior and senior high students split up for their different Sunday school classes. The junior high students learn about men and women in the Bible, like Ruth and Jonathan, who experienced life’s challenges, but remained devoted to Christ.

The senior high students study through books of the Bible. They learn what the life of a true Christian is like, how they can grow in faith, and have a close relationship with Christ.

Wednesday Evenings Chi Alpha

Every Wednesday, the youth group meets for Chi Alpha. At the beginning of the evening the teens divide into teams and battle it out in a game like soccer or dodge ball.  The game is followed by a Bible study where they’re taught relevant-to-them truth. One of their latest studies is a series about Peter entitled “A Man Under Construction.”

Youth Activities

Around once a month, the teens hang out. They get together for a SNAC (Sunday Night After Church) or on Friday nights, where they do things like a fast-food Five Dollar Dash or get ice cream and head to the beach. The teens also have an annual camp-out and late-night Black Friday activity.

Summer Camp

Every summer, our teens pack their bags and head to Brevard, North Carolina for a week of summer camp at The Wilds, set in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Throughout the entire week, the teens take part in non-stop fun—zip-lining over a waterfall, hiking, team games, a day at the lake, and hanging out at the Cool Beans coffee shop are just a few things on their schedule.

Throughout the entire week, the teens are presented with truth from God’s Word through the camp speaker and their counselors. The messages are geared toward teens and the experiences they face in today’s world. God’s truth and salvation are presented as the only way to a meaningful life.