College and Career

For college students and young singles, the focus is discipleship: here, you’ll be taught how to serve Christ with your life.

 As a college student or young adult, you’re not in high school anymore, but you’re also not a full-fledged adult—you’re kind of in that awkward in-between stage.

Plus, real life has arrived, and you’re facing a lot of important decisions.

 In our college and career program, you’ll be taught how to study God’s Word and develop a godly self-image—so that your life can be grounded in truth. And you’ll find a place of belonging among other young adults.

Sunday School

The college and career students have their own Sunday school class for small group Bible study. The personal setting gives the young adults a relaxed, open environment to form friendships and study the Word of God together. The class studies through books of the Bible and touches on specific things that young adults face.


The young adults plan regular activities to do what twenty-somethings do best—hang out together. They meet at a restaurant, coffee shop, or home to eat, play card games, and enjoy each other’s company.