"And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus" ( 2 Timothy 3:15 ).

Children are discovering the world. They’re learning and absorbing every second of every day.

At age 4, a child’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s. It’s like a sponge, soaking up everything around it. What your children are learning now is what they’ll build their lives upon.

At First Baptist, your children will be taught the stories of the Bible.

Here’s why—

Salvation is through faith. And faith comes through hearing the Word of God.

When Bible stories are taught to your children, they absorb them, they soak them up, they learn them. They’ll remember those stories for the rest of their lives.

And, in time and with understanding, they can come to knowledge of salvation through the foundational Bible stories they learned as a child.



Sunday School

During Sunday school, we teach the Bible to your littlest children in 3 ways—

  1. Gospel Songs: your child will come home singing songs about Christ and the Bible (and they’ll amaze you with how quickly they learn them!). The songs are energetic, catchy, and most have fun hand motions. Through these songs, your child will have fun (and get their wiggles out) while they learn about the Bible.
  2. Bible Stories: Real-life, true Bible stories are taught by animated teachers and attention-capturing visual pictures.
  3. Bible Memory Verses: With the teacher’s help, your child will learn and remember (for life!) short Bible verses filled with godly truth.

Through these songs, verses, and stories, your child will learn who Christ is, that He loves them, and that He died to save them—truths that are essential in every child’s life.

At the same time that your child is being taught from God’s Word, they’ll be loved and tenderly cared for by teachers and helpers whose heart for ministry is with young children—they love where they serve! They patiently nurture young children’s hearts as they teach them the Bible.

Junior Church

After Sunday school, junior church is available during the main worship service for children ages 3 through first grade. Here, the children eat a snack, have play time, sing songs together, and hear a Bible story.

During the Sunday evening service, junior church is provided for children ages 3 and 4.


Butterfly Festival 2016-4

Sunday School

On Sunday mornings, the children start in a high-energy assembly where they win Bible Bucks for bringing their Bibles, memorizing a verse, having a birthday, or even losing a tooth. They can spend their Bible Bucks on prizes at the once-a-month general store.

 After the assembly, the Primary (1-3 grade) girls and boys divide into separate classes, and the Junior (4-5 grade) boys and girls also divide into their own classes.

Your elementary-age children will be taught the Bible in 3 ways—

  1. Continuing Bible Stories: Every story in the Bible works together to point to Christ’s salvation. From week to week, your child will be taught along the continuing story line of the Bible, so each week’s lesson connects and points to Christ.
  2. Life application: As each class learns the stories of the Bible, they’ll also be taught how they can apply the truths in these stories to their own lives. Just as the men and women of the Bible are presented with salvation, your child will also be shown what it truly means to be saved.
  3. Bible Verse Memory: The entire class works together on memorizing Bible verses that go along with what they’ve learned from their Bible story.

Each Sunday school teacher and helper is dedicated to seeing children learn about the Lord Jesus, but they also love children and enjoy working with them. Each one has years of experience with children specifically. They teach every lesson with animation, energy, and visuals, so your child will enjoy learning about Christ!

Summer Activities

During the summer, the kids enjoy a more laid-back environment on Wednesday nights. They sing fun, interactive songs and hear a Bible lesson. Then they get their energy out during game time. Every Wednesday they play a new, exciting game, like glow-in-dark kickball and wacky ball. At the end of the evening, they visit Pastor’s Pit Stop for snacks and treats.

The Wilds Christian Camp

Starting at age 9, our elementary-age kids pack their bags and head to the Wilds Christian camp in the cool, beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. They enjoy a week of non-stop fun—zip-lining, water wars at the lake, the craft shop, game show night, and tubing are just a few things on the schedule. At the beginning of the week, they’re assigned to a team, and all week long they compete in high-energy games to see whose team will come out on top.

Throughout the week, the kids are also taught from God’s Word about salvation and who God can be to them through their counselors and a preacher, gifted in speaking to children. Through chapel, God and I Time, and the evening service, they’re engaged and shown God’s Word every day.

At the end of the week they leave refreshed from God’s Word—and happily exhausted from their week of hands-on fun.


Once a month, it’s a kids’ (and parents’!) day out. All the children and their parents are invited to a day-long, giant play date! The group meets somewhere, like the zoo or a water park, and enjoys a day of playing and bonding together as a church family.


Jason Wenhold

Children's Director