Men and women learn from in-depth Bible book studies and build friendships in our personal Sunday school setting.

Being part of a church encompasses three things: relationships with other believers, growing in Christ, and ministering to the lost.

In our adult Sunday school classes, the focus is all three.

Our Sunday school classes are more like a small-group Bible study, so you’ll get to know other believers and create quality friendships where you’ll grow together in the Lord. Each class starts with a time for breakfast and fellowship.

We have classes for men and women, and in each one you’ll be taught how to have a closer relationship with Christ. You’ll go deeper than just topical subjects, and be saturated in truth applicable to your personal walk as a believer. You’ll learn from experienced, long-time teachers of God’s Word.

Personal outreach is also done through our Sunday school classes. You’ll have opportunities to minister to those around you and take part in different outreach ministries.